The Single Most Important Security Choice

Your email password should be complex and be different from every other password you have.

Many people think that their email doesn't have anything private or important in it. But consider this.
If I have access to your email, I can go to any other account you have and pretend I forgot your password, ask for it to be reset, then watch your email for the "Reset my password" email, and then use that to set a new password that I know and you don't. I could even set up new accounts, maybe request online banking, in your name, and carefully respond to every email confirming your identity, all possible because I can access your email.

So SECURE EMAIL is extremely important.
If you choose to do only one single thing about your security, protect your email.

Two things matter. Your email password must be complex and unique.

Complex - any dictionary word or combination of them can be found by hacker programs in seconds. This includes swapping 0 for O and 1 for l and 3 for e and so on. Those make no difference any more. Your password should be long and random.

Sorry, I know that's tough, but it's super important.

You might try an acronym, using each word of a sentence. For instance, you could use something like: IrhtLmmualp2day (which uses the first letters from from the sentence "I really hate that Les made me use a long password today", with a little twist at the end to add a digit). 😊

Unique - You shouldn't use your  email password on any other service or account!
Why? This is the easiest and most common kind of "hack". When hackers got into Facebook a few years ago (learning 500 million facebook logins and passwords), or LinkedIn (164 million logins and password), or Starwood/Marriott (500 million logins and password), just to name a few *, they stole lists of millions of people's email addresses and passwords. Then they just tried that combination of email and password on other services - so anyone who used the same password in both places just gave away their email password! Once they have that, the rest gets easy.

So one single request. Please make your email password complex and unique.

Was that too simple? Do you want to excel at password security? Ask me about MFA (multi-factor authentication), so that even people who know your password can't access your account, or ask me about using a Password Manager, to make all your passwords complex and unique, without having to remember any of them.