Why would you choose Bitlink Technology?


I have been doing IT work since 2001 (and was an avid hobbiest long before that). I get and keep my clients by word of mouth. If you’d like references, please ask..


I do my best to communicate clearly in language that suits you and your level of experience and knowledge, from plain english to rather “geeky” and anywhere in between.


My reputation is key to my business. I want to do good work in an ethical manner, charge a fair price, and develop great relationships with my clients.


Your data is valuable and will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.
Your time is valuable, and I work hard to keep appointments or advise you of changes.
If I am not able to address your needs or wishes, I will not pretend that I can, and I will work hard find the right services or solution for you.


I understand that solving problems and introducing new technologies includes both short-term and long-term costs, and consider that when offering solutions. Appropriate technologies must take into account the broader scope of how your organization works.


I love learning new things and keeping up with the latest tech tools and toys. 


Do you love to ask questions, glean information, and watch as I work? That's just fine with me.
Prefer to know as little as possible and just let me get the job done? That's just fine too.